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"Lynne Ennis...performs flawlessly in ensemble..." 

Theatre Review, "Quilters"

"Lynne a riveting performance as Lady Alice More." 

Theatre Review, "A Man for All Seasons"

"Ennis does M'Lynn's final outburst of grief and rage with wonderful emotional control..." 

Theatre Review, "Steel Magnolias" (Second Actor)

"Lynne M. Ennis embod(ies) the ham actor persona to the core, ridiculously grandiloquent and strongly self-centered."  Theatre Review, "Moon Over Buffalo"

" the sister with remarkable verisimilitude, blending (her) varied emotions, from tears to almost hysterical laughter, believably." 

Theatre Review, "Crimes of the Heart"

"Ennis gives an especially commendable performance; aging several decades to play the crusty Mama Wheelis with authority." 

Theatre Review, "Daddy's Dyin', Who's Got the Will?"

"Ennis makes (her) quirky character sympathetic, human and believable." 

Theatre Review, "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof"

"Under the able direction of Lynne Ennis, (the actors) gave performances of such clarity and warmth that we were truly involved in this moving tale of the power of love to transform and enrich a life." 

Theatre Review, "Shadowlands"

"Director Ennis has managed to control the exceptionally exciting heights of emotional scenes, bringing the play's various elements together in such a way that they blend rather than clash...creating a powerful quality, revealing a very special something beneath..." 

Theatre Review, "Agnes of God"

"Director Ennis breathes new life into a play that has been done to death.  (She) is doing amazing things...Ennis controls her production with a competent sense of pacing, plus a firm enough hand to maintain most of the needed restraints."  Theatre Review, "Steel Magnolias" (First Director)


"Sincerity and empathy, wrapped in authenticity.  That's Lynne Ennis."  

Robin Armstrong, Director/Producer/VOArtist/Teacher/Coach

Lynne Ennis was an absolute pleasure to work with. She's a keen a professional, with an outstanding work ethic. Her talent is off the charts. She was able to bring life to the entire cast of characters, male and female, old and young. It felt like I was really there, listening to her. It was a true pleasure to work with Lynne, and I hope I have the privilege to do so again.

Rachel Ford, Author, "Crimson Yuletide"


Lynne Ennis is the recipient of ten ITL awards for acting and six ITL awards for directing.

She is the recipient of four Scotty Awards for acting and three Scotty Awards for directing 

Lynne is a past nominee for the Los Angeles Music Center's Bravo Award.

(Lynne Ennis) is shockingly talented.  There are a lot of characters and she somehow makes you totally forget only one person is reading.  Seriously.  In a dialogue heavy scene, she goes from a nbatural teen girl voice, to a curmudgeonly old man to a squeaky tween boy flawlessly.  I am beyond impressed with her range and style.  Consumer review on by 'Cagles' for the audiobook version of  'Crimson Yuletide'

"Lynne is a total professional and it's a pleasure to work with her.  Her vocal versatility is outstanding--everything from straight narration and commercial reads to character and animation work.  I highly recommend her.  Mike Datz, Voiceover Actor, Producer and Coach

"I find Lynne to be the consummate professional.  She is knowledgeable, directable and coachable.  Her work ethic is exemplary and she has the raw talent to bring that cool, calm, sincere voice to all the projects she takes on.  If you love her voice, you'll love her work."  

Larry Hudson, Coach/Teacher/VO Artist

"Lynne has the skill to turn a script into magic with ease and passion.  The words become pictures that come to life. You can hear that she loves the art and you want to listen over and over."  

Mark Neely, Voiceover/On Camera/

Stage Artist/Success Planner

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