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Listen to Lynne...

With an impressive background in legitimate theatre, Lynne brings a wealth of experience to her work in voiceover.  Having covered a wide range of dramatic roles from Mina in Dracula to Big Mama in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Lynne has also plied her musical talents in a variety of musical theatre productions.


 Lynne's  excellent ear graces her voice work with an affinity for accents and dialects including British, Canadian, Southern and Slavic.  Lynne has an exceptional ability to assimilate copy quickly and "deliver the goods."  Her narrative work is both solid and expressive while her characters have emotional depth and vocal definition.


Lynne can deliver vocal qualities that have been described as smooth, earthy, authoritative, nurturing, ageless, elegant, fun, comical, contemporary, classic, and character-driven.

 Lynne's work in audiobooks, commercials, animation and narration exceptionally utilizes her acting skill, character interpretation, empathy and humor.

A client sampling is found below.

A few of Lynne's happy clients:
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